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Because on-fire online gaming community is aparted from different sites in different domains we have created a site that contains all urls of these.

It is the website where you can find media files such us videos and many other.

Our forum is a place where you can discuss in public about games,movies and music and also find some reviews in it.

Because of the two different domains, unfortunately you have to register two times.One in our Forum and one in our Main Site.

In this section we upload videos that are related to everything in our forum.

In this section we will announce important changes and refer generally to happens in on-fire website.

Don't panic! Use the lost my password option.There type your registration e-mail and you pass will be sent to your e-mail address,or else just contact the board administrator through contact-us section or pm a moderator in our forum.If you'd lost your account in our forum too,create another one and inform us to send you a new pass.!

Ok logging out is simple.You may not noticed that in our template,to the top of our site, there are three buttons.There is the log out button!

When you click it you can fill a form with your name and your mail and send an e-mail to a friend of yours.Fill all fields so that your friend recognizes you!



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